01 January 2017

Friday, 12.05.2017

Websphere Liberty Profile Admin Console

$ bin/installUtility install adminCenter-1.0
<!-- Enable features -->
    <!-- ... -->

<keyStore id="defaultKeyStore" password="admin123" />

<basicRegistry id="basic" realm="BasicRealm">
    <user name="admin" password="admin123" />
[AUDIT   ] CWWKT0016I: Web application available (default_host): http://localhost:9090/adminCenter/

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Wednesday, 15.03.2017

strace -fopen,read,close,fstat java -jar Test.jar

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Sunday readings:

Thursday, 02.02.2017

Playing around with rasperry pi for home automation.

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

sudo raspi-config

Thursday, 26.01.2017

Tracing Weld/CDI under Wildfly:

<logger category="org.jboss.weld">
    <level name="TRACE"/>
<logger category="org.jboss.as.weld">
    <level name="TRACE"/>

Wednesday, 18.01.2017

  • So, disabling "Clear Text Font" in windows makes everything look much nice and cleaner :-)

Tuesday, 17.01.2017

  • So, xtend looks really interesting. Stumbled upon it while watching this on JavaFx.

Sunday, 08.01.2017

Saturday, 07.01.2017


Finally singed up for bintray and published my first artifact. Much nicer to use than sonatype.

  • Internet says there is a nice feature for "Signing with the Bintray Key" but i don’t see to have that option.

    • So, had to generate my own.

    • To export my keys from gpg:

      gpg --armor --export 632B9183
      gpg --armor --export-secret-keys BE07FA4E

maven release plugin

First time doing a release, and thus github might no be in known_hosts, fails with this error:

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-release-plugin:2.5.2:prepare (default-cli) on project padersprinter-query: Unable to tag SCM
[ERROR] Provider message:
[ERROR] The git-push command failed.
[ERROR] Command output:
[ERROR] ssh_askpass: exec(/usr/sbin/ssh-askpass): No such file or directory
[ERROR] Host key verification failed.
[ERROR] fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

added to known_hosts by testing on command-line: git ls-remote -h git@github.com:38leinaD/padersprinter-query.git HEAD

So, release:prepare always tagged the SNAPSHOT version because no commit was happening before it. Seems to be a known issue; see stackoverflow. Tried a lot of version; the only combination that worked was this:


Also read the following articles on how to build/release with maven following CI/CD approach. Different but both interesting:

Using gitflow plugin for gitflow see also like a handy plugin.

Tuesday, 03.01.2017