11 April 2018

Hello, my name is Daniel Platz. I am a software engineer from Paderborn, Germany.

I work as a consultant & developer at Diebold Nixdorf. I am a big fan of Java (started with Java 1.4) and the Java EE ecosystem (since the J2EE days); working and solving business problems with it on a daily basis. Also Javascript has been a useful companion over the years; including frameworks like Angular and knockout.js. Nowadays, I prefer standards like ECMAScript >= 2015, CSS 3, HTML 5 and Webcomponents over the next shinny Javascript framework. I am most comfortable on a linux machine; and tools like zshell, Visual Studio Code and Eclipse help me to be productive. I have experience with application-servers like JBoss/Wildfly, Websphere (Traditional and Liberty) and Glassfish. Jenkins, Ant, Maven and Gradle have helped me for automation of any kind: builds, tests, deployments. You name it.

In my free-time, I also love coding; mainly Rust, Javascript and Java. If am I am not hacking, I like to travel or be out in the nature; either by foot or cycling.

You can also find me here: